Warwickshire Wedding Photographer

Warwickshire Wedding Photographer – Elegant story telling wedding photography. Big Day Photography captures your wedding day as it unfolds and tells your story in a magnificent premium Australian wedding album.

Photography Training Courses

Are you looking to improve your photography? One to one courses are available from one of the UK’s leading photography training provider based in Wolverhampton - http://photo-training-courses.co.uk

Prices are just £195 and professional courses include: Beginners and Advanced Photography, Boudoir, Fashion, Portrait, Industrial and Studio Lighting Photography Courses. Courses are between 4 – 6 hours depending on the subject and are available Mon – Fri.

The whole day will showcase in “real time” how you can make the most of your time by providing a complete shooting experience for your own clients in one day.

Professional Insurance for Photographers and Videographers

In today’s world of litigation it is highly advisable that all professional photographers and videographers are insured. Yes, it will mean building these costs into your prices, but in the long run it is more that worth it.

When considering a policy there is some very important things to consider, these are:

  1. Make sure you insure all your kit (absolutely everything) – even the back up kit!
  2. Make sure you list all your kit, including make, model and serial numbers and provide these to your insurers.
  3. Provide your insurers with an up-to-date list including the replacement costs on a regular basis.
  4. Most insurers only want you to provide details of items over 1000GBP, make sure you also give them details of all your kit regardless of price. This is especially the case if you own a laptop, they are the most common item stolen.

It is very important that your insurance policy is old for new!

A lot of individuals use their home insurance for policy cover. The main problem with this is that a household policy may not cover items left in unattended vehicles, or left unattended at venues. Because of this, we recommend using specialist photography and video insurers. Also make sure that your policy includes worldwide travel cover.

So what about public liability insurance?

If you earn a living from photography or videography then you need public liability insurance (PLI). PLI covers your liability for any damage you may cause to either property or another person. It should include cover up to 5 million GBP, anything less and it may not cover all the costs should an accident occur.

Again, only purchase PLI from a specialist broker because it will include cover in specific circumstances (i.e., someone else’s home) that high street brokers don’t.

Public Indemnity Insurance (PII)

If you are a wedding or commercial advertising photographer it is very important that you obtain PII. This insurance will cover you should a client commence litigation against you for failing to provide the professional services you have been paid to supply. A good policy will make sure that you are able to fund any claims made against you.

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